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Who is SISS…

Self-help Initiative Support Services (SISS) was established in 1998 as a grassroots mobilizing organization that provides services to promote and support existing self help groups or serve as a catalyst to establish them in communities where they do not exist, assist such groups to undertake development initiatives, build their capacities through training, transfer of skills ad organizational development to be self supportive. SISS favors building long term relationships and growing one project at a time. In the long-term SISS sees itself as an established support and advocacy facility protecting civil rights and promoting social welfare and small enterprise development to tackle poverty and social exclusion in Ghana.


  • To help reduce poverty and raise living standards within poor communities by providing training and support required to get excluded individuals and groups into income earning activities.
  • Promoting the idea of self-help as the most effective approach to sustainable development and campaigning for more support and self help efforts.
  • To respond to requests for support for projects aimed at improving the socio-economic circumstances of marginalized people and their participation in civil society and in the global community


To promote and campaign for support for self help development initiatives To transfer the skills needed for personal development, organizational capacity building and civic consciousness through training and exchange To support self help projects initiated by individuals and community based groups and help link


Promote self-help as an effective tool towards development